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So, what would you get from training with Fitness For Life?
Following the free initial consultation, where we will find out your exercise history, where you’re at now and your goals, I will go away and write a detailed training programme, tailored for your needs.  This will cover what you will be doing, and how often.

What will we do in a training session?
During the training sessions we will do a mixture of resistance work (this could be exercises using own bodyweight, resistance bands, weights or a stability ball), aerobic work (power/hill walking, jogging/running, Boxercise, skipping, cycling, swimming), flexibility training, balance and core stability work (learning how to use and strengthening your deep postural muscles). 

Where will we train?
The training can be done at your home, the local park (I am a strong advocate for training in the fresh air if the weather allows) or even at your work if that is more suitable.

What about diet etc.?
As well as the exercise coaching, we will spend time talking about nutrition and other health factors, as well as learning some relaxation techniques to get the most from your rest time.

What will I need for training sessions?
You will need some comfortable sportswear / loose fitting clothes and most people will need some proper running trainers.  I will source and provide all necessary equipment for your workouts, according to your goals and budget.

If you have any other questions, feel free to contact me on
07970 493643, or
e-mail me………….

…through revising my diet at regular intervals, and working through a varied and fun fitness program that balanced resistance work and cardio, I have gone from a large size 14 to a small 12 in less than 7 months.” (Read more)

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