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Please have a read of some of my clients’ experiences below:

“Thank you for all you’ve helped me to achieve these last few months. Above all, thank you for believing – and therefore helping me to believe - that I can do this”
Simon, 39, London

“Before I made the decision to have a personal trainer I had tried and tested various diets and exercise classes for over 8 years without lasting success in losing weight and increasing my fitness level. I knew it would require my time and effort and I was not sure that I would be able to manage to allocate time to any long term training.

Andrew has worked with me since April (2007) and through revising my diet at regular intervals, and working through a varied and fun fitness program that balanced resistance work and cardio, I have gone from a large size 14 to a small 12 in less than 7 months. Added to which I have achieved a steady rise in my fitness level. When I started running with Andrew I could run for 12 minutes. A few months ago I reached 45 minutes non stop. Now I have begun interval training with him and continue to improve.

I'm delighted to say that I have gained more than I expected. Andrew has guided me in a direction that helped me look differently about my lifestyle and the way it impacts my body and mind. Andrew always considered my personal situation and life style when working with me. He has never given up on me and that in turn helps me stay focused and determined. The most rewarding and unexpected outcomes have been developing a healthy relationship with food, the way I see my body and myself, and a desire to incorporate fitness training into my routine for the rest of my life.”
Gail, 25, Bristol

 “Just a note to say thank you very much for the enthusiasm and professionalism you showed whilst acting as my personal trainer for nearly 5 months. 

My aim was to improve my overall fitness, but more importantly (for me) to get back into resistance training which I had been reluctant to do for, really, the past 7 years!!! I knew that it was good for me, but I also knew that the techniques had moved on from what I was familiar with, and I knew I wanted to try them out but was unsure of how to string it all together.  The application of your knowledge to find out what worked for me and your passion in the delivery of it meant that I enjoyed even the hardest of our workouts!  If I was not moving to Bournemouth I would definitely keep on with our sessions to challenge me further! “
Kelly, 36, Bournemouth

“I have worked with Andrew for over a year now. My strength, balance and flexibility have improved. I have enjoyed it greatly, and benefited from the additional motivation Andrew provides. I have also valued his attention to the specific needs, problems and goals of his clients, and the ease with which one can discuss problems.”
Jean, 65, Bristol

“I have been working with Andrew for just over a year now, normally twice a week. My objectives have been to tone / bulk up and strengthen my body.  The experience with Andrew has and continues to be outstanding.
Andrew is a high-quality, responsive and professional personal trainer.  He is focused and determined during the work out sessions and knows how to push your limits to improve muscle strength and endurance.  He is tough, as he should be, and won’t let you cop out if you feel like it.  He wants results and takes pride in helping you achieve your goals.  He feels accountable for it.
Above all, Andrew is consistently upbeat, week in, week out, an attitude that fuels workout sessions with positive energy, which to me is essential.  The results on my body have been very tangible and it has boosted my self-confidence.  I look forward to our next session.”
Aiden, 50, Bristol

“I started training with Andrew in February 2007 and I’ve just past my first anniversary of personal fitness training.

My motivation for getting fit is probably different to most – I suffered a tragedy that lost me my much longed for baby and very nearly cost me my life.  The potential for going mentally downhill was immense and I felt I needed to take some positive action to stay in control.

Andrew’s Fitness for Life leaflet arrived on my doorstep with the offer of a free consultation.  I’ve never been fit, lucky in the fact that I have always been fairly slim, but never into sports let alone running for a bus.  I decided to grasp the bull by the horns and make the call.

The rest is nearly history, from the initial consultation Andrew has shown his total professionalism and commitment to me as an individual trying to get fit.  He has worked with me on my good days and my blue days, pushing me gently to achieve my goals and has never once been judgemental.  If I’m honest; I still hate jogging and I’m not very good at cycling (do they do adult stabilisers?) but I love Boxercise and can now survive circuits.  Andrew manages to bring a great variety to our sessions without the need for a gym or expensive equipment.  As well as working at home, we do utilise the great outdoors, especially when the sun is shining but occasionally in the rain. 

I’ve surprised myself – never did I think that I would be a fit person.  Both mentally and physically I’m stronger and I’ve dropped a dress size.

Obviously cost was and is an important factor to consider but I’ve weighed this up against the cost of my health and have decided that it’s worth it – in fact, I think Personal Training should be available on prescription!

The only downside is my husband has now started training with Andrew – so I’m having to learn to share….”
Sam, 37, Bristol

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